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Columbia ​Black Maternal ​Health Week

A Series of events, in April 2024 highlighting black maternal health week hosted by Black Maternal Health Collective

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ou​r mission

Our mission is to impact positive outcomes for maternal health equity by educating and advocating for black and brown families for future generations to come.

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meet the collective

We are mothers, families, fathers, and children of those impacted by inequities in health for black and brown families. Each of us are passionate about educating and uplifting the voices of those who can no longer speak about their experience. We are charged as a collective to unite, connect and grow our communities to ensure that outcomes are different for the generations after us. We take pride in knowing that we can’t do this without the support of the community, schools, organizations, institutions and businesses that influences our families quality of life. This Columbia Black Maternal Health Week is designed to connect the community to forward movement of change. We hope you join us!

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event details

A Series of events will highlight each area of focus for black maternal health week through advocating, educating and honoring those who experience inequitites in maternal health. Our line up of events are listed below.

Our Schedule:

Thursday, April 4th - Forum “ The Future of Black Maternal Health” An Intimate Conversation with Future Generations

Location: University of South Carolina Campus - Bates West Social Room, 1399 Whaley Street, Columbia ,SC 29201

Times : 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Kickstarting the event is an open forum on April 4th that delves into "The Future of Black Maternal Health." This intimate conversation will explore how the current state of maternal health impacts and shapes the decisions of future generations as citizens. Collaborating with state, city, and county leaders, birth organizations, providers, and community organizations, the forum aims to spark meaningful dialogue, restore hope and drive positive change.

Saturday, April 6th - “Mom’s Market”: Health Fair for Moms, Families, and Babies

Location: Drew Wellness Center Gymnasium, 2101 Walker Solomon Way , Columbia SC 29204

Times : 11:00 pm - 3:00pm

Community market fair that includes vendors providing an array of information and resources to support moms, families and babies through prenatal planning, pregnancy, and postpartum periods. Our vendors will range from mental health organizations, loss support groups, community birthing advocates, and nutrition specialist. Attendees will also have an opportunity to hear from experts in maternal health rights, advocating your voice as a patient and learn about health challenges that impact black and brown families.

Sunday, April 7th - Yoga In the Park w/ Balloon Release *Bring Your Mats*

Location : MLK Park 2300 Greene , Columbia SC 29205

Times: 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Yoga In the Park session on April 7th will be led by an instructor and dedicated to mothers and families impacted by loss due to inequities in maternal health. This hour-long yoga session provides a tranquil space for reflection and remembrance. The event will also include a Balloon Release to honor those who have experienced loss and to foster connections and relationships within the community for mutual support.

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Saturday, April 13th - Birthing Justice Film with Panel Q&A

Location: Epic Events, 125 Outlet Pointe Boulevard Suite A&B, Columbia, SC 29210

Times 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Join us to view the cutting edge film on Birthing Justice” by Olympic medalist Allyson Felix. After viewing the film there will be an open Q&A discussion with leaders who support birthing families.

Wednesday, April 17th “ Talk with Doc”Part 1 & Part 2 (Moved Virtually)

Times : 6:00pm

Come and join us for a open dialgoue on topics such as medicated vs unmedicated births, how to advoicate for yourself during pregnancy and how to choose your care team to support you during and after pregnancy.

Join us for an open conversation with Black led OB physicians about safe labor, delivery, navigating the hospital, how to create a liveable birth plan.

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Saturday, April 6th


Event Host

Yadri Goodwin

Black Birthing Joy Story

Kim Smith

The Mother Circle: “Our Voice Matters”

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Collective Founder & Panel Moderator

Rho Sims

Rhonda Sims, affectionately known as "Rho," is a passionate activist, wife, mother, and forward-thinking disruptor in the realm of reproductive justice and maternal health. As the Program Manager for Outreach with the Preeclampsia Foundation for the MoMMA's Voices program, Rhonda dedicates herself to fostering organizational partnerships that advocate for quality improvements in maternal health.

Rhonda's maternal health advocacy began after grappling with severe depression and anxiety following the heartbreaking loss of two women she knew due to preeclampsia. Since then, she has been actively working to create space for conversations and education on equitable maternal health practices, with a particular emphasis on amplifying the voices of women of color.

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Saturday, April 6th

Super Powers in Maintaining Balance in Mental Health as Moms

Latoya Lindsay

JaMel Morant

Dequena Niles

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Saturday, April 6th

Creating Your Birth Village - The Power of Doulas

Tanya Ambrose

Birth & Postpartum Doula

Kyra Ledwell

Birth & Fertility Doula

Karen Nolen

Labor & Postpartum Doula

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Talk with Doc: Part 1 &2

Wednesday, April 17th

6:00pm (Zoom)


  • Creating a Birthing plan
  • Labor Options
  • Doulas & Community Birth Workers
  • Medicated vs Unmedicated birth
  • Advocating for Yourself
  • Navigating the Hospital and so much more!

Dr. Kari -Claudia Allen

Board Certified Physician

Dr. Dianna Ravenell

OBGYN Physician

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Health Equity Summit

April 12, 2024

Featuring Councilwoman Mom Aditi Bussells
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Sponsors & Community Partners

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Black Maternal Health Collective

This series of events will highlight each area of focus for black maternal health week through advocating, educating, and honoring those who experience inequitites in maternal health.